Mitchel Tan

Motion Graphics Studio

+31 (0)6 20 482 183

Started in 2006 as an independent video-editor, Mitchel Tan (1982) is a Amsterdam (the Netherlands) based motion graphics design studio. He combines and focuses three main aspects: function, storytelling and aesthetics.

Since 2015 he is also working as teacher for Cinema 4D animation classes at HKU.

Motion Graphics, Animation, Video Editing, Compositing, Title-design, Infographics.

works with production companies:
Zesbaans, Addikt, C72, Caviar Digital, DieTwee, Flickering Wall, Four Corners, Hoofdruimte, In 60 seconds, Vandejong, Kummer&Herrman, Laundrette, Orientation Travel Productions, Postworks, Sausmakers, STER, Sugar Films, Sovideo, Subsoda, Wouw.

van Diemenstraat 410 unit 2.18
1013 CR Amsterdam (NL)
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+31 (0)6 204 821 83
kvk: 30252327

Design: Jeremy Jansen
Programming: Mitchel Tan
Support: Iksi, Harm van de Ven


© 2015

title: Showreel '14
music: Baths

title: Showreel '12
music: Civil Civic

title: Showreel '10
music: Trentemøller

title: Showreel '09
music: Yppah

title: Anima Festival 2016 Leader
illustration: Sue Doeksen
production: Max Italiaander
audio: Julien Mier

title: Royal Smilde
production: Jonathan Morris, Liselot van de Leemkolk
audio: C72

title: Gemeente Amsterdam - Noord/Zuidlijn
production and art-direction: Launderette

title: Allemaal Lokaal
production: Vandejong - Roos Haasjes
audio: MOST
illustration: Sue Doeksen

title: Jam Today
production: Vandejong
audio: Postworks
artwork: Vandejong - Hamid Sallali

title: Ambulance Zorg Nederland
production: Hoofdruimte
audio: Big Orange
artwork: Anne van den Berg

title: Givers
production: Van de Jong
sound: Postworks

production: Zesbaans
title: Volker Wessels' Plus Wonen Concept
audiodesign: Postworks
title: Sesamstraat gedichtje
illustration & story: Maartje Kuiper

production: Falk & Suns
title: The Bright People of York
art diretion: Jonathan van Loon
title: SNS Infographics
production: Sovideo
illustration: Mitchel Tan

title: ING Web animations
production: DieTwee / ING
illustration: Subsoda

title: Naturalis Biodiversity Center (New Name)
production & design: DieTwee
for: Naturalis

title: In A Cabin With
production: Orientation travel productions
what: Leader / identity for a dutch television program broadcasted by NPS.

title: IDH Sustainable Trade
production: Orientation