Started in 2006 as an independent video-editor, Mitchel Tan (1982) is a dutch motion graphics design studio. He combines and focuses three main aspects: the why question, storytelling and aesthetics.

From 2015 till 2018 he was also working as a teacher for Cinema 4D animation classes at HKU University of the Arts Utrecht.

While still freelancing everywhere in the Netherlands, since 2020 Mitchel Tan moved to the woods, setting up his studio, surrounded by nature in "Landgoed Eerde".

Learn more about my move by listening to this podcast; created by Jan Wolter Bijleveld – de Hoofdruimte. (Dutch Only)


Motion Graphics, Animation, Explainers, Video Editing, Compositing, Title-design, Infographics, SVG Animations, HTML5 Animation (Lottie), Projection Mapping.


Works with national and international clients:

Acne, Addikt, Artibite, Caviar Digital, Circus Family, DieTwee, Duinzand,,, Four Corners, FreemanXP, Hoofdruimte, Hollandse Meesters, Maartje Kuipers, In 60 Seconds, Jeremy Jansen, Vandejong, Kummer&Herrman, Launderette, Orientation Travel Productions, Random Studio, Rogier Martens, Sausmakers, Sue Doeksen, Sugar Films, Subsoda, SoVideo, Studio Spaen, Totems, Wouw, Zesbaans.


© 2021


title: Showreel '19
music: Andrew Michal Britton, David Stefen Goldsmit

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title: Blocket

client/artdirection: Identity Works

illustration: Hvass & Hannibal

animation: Mitchel Tan


title: Edualdo

client: Stichting Schoolinfo


title: Leven Lang Leven
production: Vandejong

artdirection: Roos Haasjes
illustration: Sue Doeksen


title: Hermès Sustainable Development
production: Hermès and Sue Doeksen
illustration: Sue Doeksen
audio: We Are Father
client: Hermès


title: Anima Festival 2016 Leader
illustration: Sue Doeksen
production: Max Italiaander
audio: Julien Mier


title: Allemaal Lokaal
production: Vandejong - Roos Haasjes
audio: MOST
illustration: Sue Doeksen


title: Jam Today
production: Vandejong
audio: Postworks
artwork: Vandejong - Hamid Sallali


title: Ambulance Zorg Nederland
production: Hoofdruimte
audio: Big Orange
artwork: Anne van den Berg


title: Givers
production: Vandejong
sound: Postworks


production: Zesbaans
title: Volker Wessels' Plus Wonen Concept
audiodesign: Postworks


title: Sesamstraat gedichtje
illustration & story: Maartje Kuiper


title: Kredietbeveiliging

client: Hoofdruimte